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Can someone guide me in the right direction here?

I want to add a page with a custom user control on it.
The page should contain a header and foot just like most other YAF pages.

Additionaly i want a link to this page in the toolbar, next to "Inbox" and "Search".

Can someone give me a link to an example or tell me where i need to make some modifications.

I am using 1.9.3.


It's probably easier if you make your own toolbar and then just duplicate the links that you see for YAF when you hover over "Inbox", "Search" etc. You can then ShowToolBar=false in the web.config and the YAF toolbar will disappear.
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Ok, then when i create a link to ex: http://yaf/default.aspx?g=myCustomPage

How do it get it to render my custom ascx file instead of the default one that shows the root of the forum?

I still want the header and the "Active discussions" / "Information" to be there, i just want to replace the "Forum" part with something else.
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Ah, you just need to put the ASCX in the "pages" folder and add its name to the ForumPages ENUM.
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and also add an entry in the english.xml file for your new page.

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