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When you post a question or problem about YAF please NOTE THE FOLLOWING in your post:

  • Include the VERSION of YAF that you are having issues with. If you are installing it on DNN, include THAT version in your post.

  • If you know what hosting platform you are on, please let us know.

  • Include WHAT version of .NET framework you are "attempting" to run YAF on.

  • If you are getting an error -- please TELL us the error in your post. If it just says "Error" go into the Admin -> Event Log section and click "Show" to view the details of the error. Copy and paste the details into your post.

  • Of course, a link to your forum is always helpful.

  • If you having installation issues and getting errors, please post your Web.Config file SANS sensitive info such as database login.

    And last but not least:

  • We understand your problem is important to you, but YAF is volunteer only. You are asking us to take time out of our life to give you assistance. Please keep that in mind if you feel like your response isn't fast enough.

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