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14 years ago
herman_herman wrote:

kambiri wrote:

Danish Language.

Languagefile has been viewed in YAF 1.9.4 to avoid bad translation.

Do you mind updating the language file based on latest revision?
I have attached it.

I'm new at this, maby I'm wrong to have done what I have. I have done the translation I needed and just wanted to share. I just don't have the time to do orders 🙂 Misunderstandings are easy to make and I'm not trying to be smart or to piss you off 🙂 but as I proceed I will upload if my own plans requires me to do more translation!
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14 years ago
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13 years ago
Dutch language file for 1.9.5 RTW. Translation of the help and email sections is still in progress 8-)

Edit: Updated version with some small changes/typo fixes and the emails translated. Still need to translate most of the help system.
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13 years ago
v1.9.4 later Turkish language pack has problem. "Login" button and Some articeles not seen at its position.
However "Joined" and "Location" not shows at Post pages. Its not an translation problem and its not an turkish.xml file problem. I solved this problem swithing culture "tr" to "en" inside of turkish.xml but if I do that v1.9.5.5 beta has another problems. To fix this I have switched to english.xml file culture to "tr"
Everything is good except date-time format. Its comes from US format I need TR format
How can I fixed all these problems???


Ozgur Cakar
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