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2 months ago
Hi - I'm prototyping YAF on my laptop using SQL Express and its now up and running.
The only problem I now have is adding New Users as it obviously involves emailing the new User.
Has anybody set this up before?
I am using Windows 11 / Running from Visual Studio and have this in the appsettings.json file already but its nt mailing off my laptop

  "MailConfiguration": {
    "Mail": "",
    "Password": "",
    "Host": "localhost",
    "Port": 25


  • Zero2Cool
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2 months ago
You have to configure your mail settings. Do you have a mail server accessible to you? If you don't want to use your gmail account you can use something like SendGrid for no charge.  https://sendgrid.com/en-us/solutions/email-api/smtp-service 
  • tha_watcha
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2 months ago
If you want to test it all locally with fake user accounts and fake email addresses i suggest to use PaperCut . It is a local running test email server. I use it also for testing.
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