So I've been on a search for a good while for a new forum software due to some requirements needed for the site/forum itself. Currently the forum is on jcink and so I'm having a difficult time migrating that to another forum software. As of now my current option is to convert from jcink -> phpBB2 -> phpBB3 -> MyBB (current chosen forum software), but I'd love to be on yaf as I'm a c# developer by trade so would much rather be on this than a PHP forum......but the only problem is I can't find an easy solution to get the current database migrated, whereas with the aforementioned forums they have tools that will help with that......

so basically I was wondering if anyone had a script/tool available that would be infinitely more times better than having to go through the long/tedious process of manually converting the database myself. (note I did try searching for one, but all results came back at least 5 years old)
No sorry something like this doesn't exist yet!
Originally Posted by: tha_watcha 

No sorry something like this doesn't exist yet!

dang that's unfortunate, thanks for letting me know though 🙂
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