7 years ago
Hey there!

We have an Issue with the YAf Whats new Module in DNN:

on a non public Page the Module fails to Load with following Exception:


at YAF.DotNetNuke.Components.Utils.RoleSyncronizer.CreateYafRole(String roleName, Int32 boardId, List`1 yafBoardAccessMasks)
at YAF.DotNetNuke.Components.Utils.RoleSyncronizer.ImportDNNRoles(Int32 boardId, String[] roles)
at YAF.DotNetNuke.Components.Utils.RoleSyncronizer.SynchronizeUserRoles(Int32 boardId, Int32 portalId, Int32 yafUserId, UserInfo dnnUserInfo)
at YAF.DotNetNuke.Components.Utils.UserImporter.CreateYafUser(UserInfo dnnUserInfo, MembershipUser dnnUser, Int32 boardID, Int32 portalID, YafBoardSettings boardSettings)
at YAF.DotNetNuke.YafDnnWhatsNew.GetYafUserId()
at YAF.DotNetNuke.YafDnnWhatsNew.BindData()

On any page visible to public, the module loads and shows the latest Topics as configured. <
Any Clues ?

Thank you!

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