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9 years ago
We are in the final process of selecting our forum provider and we really like YAF but the only downside for us is that it is not responsive for easy access for mobile visitors. I have seen a few posts that Ver 3.0 will be responsive, is this correct? If so when do you anticipate ver. 3.0 to be out? We are currently using Bootstrap.

Thanks so much

  • Elringus
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9 years ago
Hey there!

I am currently looking for the forum solution and have the same questions about YAF: does/will it support Bootstrap?
https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/issues/15  and I’ve also seen the bootstrap branch, but it is stale for 2 years already.

Please, guys, could you give a hint on what is the current state and plans for the “bootstrapping” process?
  • Zero2Cool
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9 years ago
I have zero information on when Bootstrap will be implemented, but you can check out what I've done already. Primarily altered the controls for Forum Category and Topics list.

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