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8 years ago
Hi Guys,

I am very keen to yetanotherforum functionality and integration of it in asp.net, umbraco, Dnn and many other CMS systems. I am now using umbraco 7.1.4 and almost all work done. But the major part where I am stuck now is how to show my forum on page.

I mean in normal asp.net pages or older versions of umbraco where no razor exists we register YAF in template and with in form tag we call our control and it start rendering.

I need to know how I can start showing forum inside content area of my page.

This is how old code works.

<%@ Register TagPrefix="yaf" Namespace="YAF" Assembly="YAF" %>

At the moment I have reference YAF on my page but not able to know how to show it in content area.

This is how I am working

MVC Razor

@using YAF


Layout = "MainMaster.cshtml";


---------No idea what to put in there to show forum-------

Any sort of support/help provided will be appreciatable.



  • inahmias
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6 years ago
did you have a solution for this?

is any one implemented this?