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10 years ago

I posted this over in YAF Issues & Bugs Discussion as followup to problems with HTML editors. I realize that was not the place to ask the following Qs.

Version 2.1.1 seems to be working just fine. There are some minor things that I need to look into but overall it is running except for the html editors. No suggestions as to how to resolve so maybe this may be a better way, if possible ---


1. Can TinyMCE and CKEditor versions from their websites be dropped into YAF 'editors' directory and be made to work?
Has anyone ever tried that? How?
I am not programmer, IT, etc., just semi-technical enough to get YAF up and running for a couple of years so may be able to muddle through this also.

2. How can menu be expanded to include to include View, Format, Table, etc.?
http://ckeditor.com/demo#full [/indent]

Many thanks!


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10 years ago
1. yes you can upgrade both editors, by replacing the existing files.

2. If you want to include more menu options you need to modify the config files

CKEditor - editors/ckeditor/ckeditor_init.js

TinyMCE - editors/tiny_mce/tiny_mce_init.js

Check the documentation for both editors on how to add/remove menu items.

Also you need to check each menu item what html tags it generates, and allow it in the host settings. For example if you want to allow htmls you need to add the table,tr,td tags added to the list of allowed html tags in the host settings.
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