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9 years ago

When YAF was first installed, users would receive an email notification when a new post was made in a topic they had 'watched'. However in the last few weeks no one has been receiving these notifications.

The 'Default Notification Setting' is set to 'Notification for topics you've posted to, watched or marked as favorite'.

Can anyone tell me what might be going wrong here?




9 years ago
The only thing I can think of is that a spam filter is blocking your emails.
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9 years ago
Has anybody else had this?

On my installation ( some people who have subscribed get the notifications and others do not (although they have in the past). I can see no difference at all in their notification/subscription preferences etc.

The 'yaf_WatchForum' table is showing a 'LastMail' date/time for everyone as if they've all had the lastest notification, even though some of them have not.

The email addesses for these people are definately correct and the messages are not in their junk mail folder. It is a staff intranet with membership only through Active Directory and everybody using Microsft Outlook for their mail.

Has anybody else had this 'unreliability'?

Can anybody give me any hints for how to debug such an issue?

Please help - at the moment I am being accused of discrimination!