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9 years ago
Hello please tell me how to make YAF & active directory integration

9 years ago
i'd also like to know how to do this...
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9 years ago
Set the forums up as directed in their instructions.

You will be setting yourself up twice once as non-active directory and once as active directory and the 2 accounts can't have the same email address. After you've connected using active directory you only need to set up the other users accounts once.

Set yourself and a backup person as administration and host

Ex: Username: jSmith, Display name: jSmith, Rank: Administration, Host Admin - checked

Now set yourself up under an active directory account.

Ex: Username: CompanyName\SmithJ, Display name: CompanyName\SmithJ, Rank: Administration, Host Admin Checked

Go into IIS Manager -> Select your Forum Site -> Authentication -> Set windows authentication = Enabled -> Disable all other authentication.


Unfortunately you have to manually set up the accounts for all the active directory people. I'm still working on getting the correct input file format.

In the web.config change this line:


You should be good to go.

To remove the Login/Logout on the pages - go to the app.config file and uncomment