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In v1.9.6.2 BETA that is running this site, I got a post notification in the topic herman_herman started that I replied to properly. But when he replied and it sent me the notification for it, it was in his language and not mine. I know this was an issue in past versions but didn't know if it had been addressed.

But here's the breakdown:

User A posts topic (user A uses one language).

User B replies (user B uses another language).

User A replies again - here is where the problem hits.

If user A is on a different language than user B, the notification sent to user B that user A replied is in user A's language, and not user B's.

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This is a very ugly known bug. Actually its a design flaw of the current code which causes that issue.

As workaround i changed the code to always use the default board language (the code is already in the repository), currently it sends all mails in the language of the user that post the message.

To resolve this issue the whole Watch Topic function needs to be redesigned and rewritten, that would also hopefully solve the problems with the mails not send out.

But this will take some time to do it right this time.