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10 years ago
Hello everyone,

first of all i want to thank you for your help in advance :-)

I want to run YAF.net on my ASP.NET 4.0 Server with a MySQL-Database. Therefore i downloaded all files from here:


I downloaded "YAF_1.9.4RC2_r3304_MYSQL_BIN.exe", extracted it and updated the db.config-file.

Then i tried to run the installation process on my webserver, but it only gave me a strange error message (i do not exactly remember, but i think it has been an internal server error). So i replaced the original web.config with the recommended one from the webconfigs-directory. As i found some version 3.5-entries in the web.config, i opened the whole website using Visual Studio 2010 and updated the project to ASP.NET 4.0.

After that i had to update all Browser-Definition-Files in App_Browsers (took those from C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Config\Browsers), but i had to delete the Default.Browser.

After that i am just getting some strange redirection-error:

No matter if i want to open mydomain.de/board or mydomain.de/board/install/default.aspx, i am just getting an redirection error. In german it says: "Fehler: Umleitungsfehler: Die aufgerufene Website leitet die Anfrage so um, dass sie nie beendet werden kann. Dieses Problem kann manchmal auftreten, wenn Cookies deaktiviert oder abgelehnt werden."

And a free translation from me: "Redirection error: The website redirects your request so that it can never get finished. This may happen if cookies are deactivated or denied." I think it has something to do with a circular redirection...

Please, has someone any idea of how to locate the error? I already set customErrors to Off, but it still throws this redirection error.

Did i take the wrong files?

ANY help is greatly appreciated and please tell me if you need further information.

Thanks 🙂


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10 years ago
Search by MySQL keyword. You guys multiply the MySQL related topics.

Data layer version 1.9.6 Beta 1 on my github page by link in my signature.

Don't use my old sourceforge repo - it's not supported and you don't get any help on it.

  • Roland
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10 years ago
Yes, i already started some searches using MySQL as a keyword, but it really did not help.

Okay, first of all we can notice: Use the github-stuff and nothing old from sourceforge. Okay.

So, i downloaded the githubstuff and got this directory: vzrus-YetAnotherForumExtraDataLayers-9f884c7

I browsed to manual, opened the index.html, clicked on MySQL and followed the instruction which includes a link to the sourceforge-stuff (http://yaf-datalayers.sourceforge.net/). This should not be right, should it?

Okay, the readme on github says simply replace all files, but this does not work either.

So, please, take a little amount of time and help me out. The other users will be glad for a little bit more detailed instruction of how to use YAF.net with MySQL...