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12 years ago

At my company, I am reviving our YAF forum. We want to use it as a place to discuss work related topics and use it as a knowledgebase. To get a proper discussion going, we might want to include attachtments to topics or link to a document on a fileshare.

In the setttings of the masks, I have set that users may upload documents. Only, when I want to upload an attachment, I get an errormessage that a piece of the path to the document could not be found. For Example, I want to upload a document from C:\documents\.......That path is also shown in the upload/select box. When I click Upload, YAF want's to upload from D:\inetpub\forum\upload\..........The result is that the document could not be uploaded.

As a work around I thought that I could create a hyperlink to the document (wich is stored on an internal fileshare) in my post using the hyperlink button. When I click the hyperlink, YAF wants to get the document from internet. This results in a page that could not be displayed.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

btw we are still using version

Thank you for your time.

Jan Peter

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