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Hi guys,
you have done great job with YAF !

Just a few questions:

1. I want to have all users authenticated in my web site also to be authomaticaly
able to post messages in the forum. The forum won't be part of web site application,
but located on a subdomain (e.g.
Simply said, I don't want to forse user to regiser / login again on the forum, when he is
already registered in the web application.

What is the best approach to solve this ?

2. I want to have a multiple forums for different languages.
It is ok, if there will be different forum board for every language.
Or it there a better way?

3. Can registered users post to different boards ?
If not, Is there any workaround ?

Thank you
I'm having this same issue right now.

Has anyone successfully integrated YAF under a subdomain with an existing membership?


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