13 years ago
ddscart wrote:

It bothered me big time that each time a page was loaded, the screen would scroll down to the bottom to the chat box. The “Message” input textbox had the “Setfocus” set.

Goto “Chat.aspx” and at the bottom find, “setFocus('mytext');” and delete it. The forum will no longer jump to the bottom.

The chat in the box disappears after some period of time, is that normal? Where is the data stored?

The forum I have this in is a total test forum, so nothing good is there. Here is the chat box though.


Nice to get credit for someone else code 🙂 . That chat implementation (with setFocus) is my attempt made somewhere in 2006. Glad to see you are still stick with it, now, when there are a lot of frameworks like jQuery ....
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