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12 years ago
Jaben wrote:

there isn't current a body/message tag. Can be added by looking in the code in pages\postmessage.ascx.cs.

I found in CreateMail.cs

static public void CreateWatchEmail( object messageID )


watchEmail.TemplateParams ["{forumname}"] = YafContext.Current.BoardSettings.Name;

watchEmail.TemplateParams ["{topic}"] = row ["Topic"].ToString();

watchEmail.TemplateParams ["{link}"] = String.Format( "{0}{1}", YafForumInfo.ServerURL, YafBuildLink.GetLinkNotEscaped( ForumPages.posts, "m={0}#{0}", messageID ) );

but I'm just not up to figuring out how to reference the body of the message and get it assigned to a new token so it goes out in the notice email.

Has anyone else done this?

I know it's better to drive traffic to your web site, but we just need the notification address to get the message - they may not be able to get online and get to the site, it's on an internal network.