I am having absolutely no luck trying to install 1.9.3 on 5.2.1. This is a new setup.

Initially, after installing the package as Host, the .cs files for the main User Controls weren't installed. Unfortunately, that didn't really fix anything.

Did something change between 1.9.3 and 1.9.4 that would make 1.9.4 work better with DNN 5.2.1? Mind you, I've never had 1.9.3 installed, but I have to wonder if there's some kind of disconnect between 1.9.3 and DNN 5.2.1?

Any suggestions you could give would be great (especially since I can't even get it installed). I really want to use YAF rather than the standard DNN module (as the standard DNN Forum really sucks). Thanks in advance!


EDIT: One more note: The DNN Demo doesn't seem to be working either. Is that just me?
Snapshot from this  forum - DNN 5.2.2, YAF (latest svn revision). Sample web.config included. You can use it for MANUAL  install
mir scheissegal
OK, I'm noticing that the package you provided (HUGE thanks BTW) doesn't have a YAF.Classes.Base.dll. I have an old one, but I think it's causing problems as I can't get it to work with the other DLLs.

I'm going to try to pull it down via SVN and post back if I can't.

EDIT: Ok, found that the Base.dll is an old leftover reference, so I removed it. I'm going to try just clearing everything out and copying it all back up again.
Assembly YAF.Classes.Base.dll in version 1.9.4 does not exist
Latest svn revision 3112 + fixed yafnet connectionString in web.config

mir scheissegal

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