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Hi Everyone,
As promised i am attaching the documetation for Yaf , i have tried to remove all the bugs in this version, The Most special features which i have added is that i have re-developed Moderator module, and also fix the email sending and alot of other options which i have developed which are Nessecary if you want these forums to be moderated. I hope this would help alot of people. Don't forget to post your comments as well :)


PS: if anyone want to modify registration and login process as well. I can provide the code for that as well. Do let me know if you need that as well.

With Best Regards,
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Many thanks for contributing to the community Zeeshan.


"It's a case of RTFM.. the only problem being we don't have a manual!"

When I post FP:Mek in a topic, I'm leaving my footprint there so I can track it once I get into coding/supporting. (Yes I stole this off Ederon 🙂 )
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You are welcome Mek 🙂 Its my pleasure.

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thx for your share
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I am getting ready to switch over to this forum on my site but I hate not knowing how everything works. I am not a forum junkie and do not use forums a lot so I may be a little behind on a lot, but I do not know how a lot of this stuff works. I need the manual but the link does not work on my computer. Please help. Is this an old link, is there any other place that has a moderator/admin manual?
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Thx u so much. I'm looking for this
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Thank you for your contribution. You are so kind.
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Originally Posted by: Thoa 

Thank you for your contribution. You are so kind.

did the link work for you? I am getting a dns error
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