Oliver Jones
I have integrated YAF with a networking site I'm building. It is a membership site and using the IForumUser interface if a member is authenticated on my host site, it is also authenticated on the YAF integrated site.

Within YAF I have a number of forums. Within my site I have 2 levels of membership, Members and Fellows. I want to be able to only allow access to some forums to Fellows, i.e. Fellows can access all forums, Members only some.

As far as I can see YAF supports Guests, Members and Admin groups. Basically I could do with one more level and some mechanism via IForumUser to specify access level.

I hope this all makes sense!

Anyone got any ideas/advice on the best way to achieve the above?

Oliver Jones
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Nope, YAF supports the creating groups and different access (Access masks) assigned to those groups on a per forum basis. What your looking at with Guest/Members/Admin is basically a user flag and is not a group.

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Oliver Jones
Thanks Mek

So every new user gets added to the Member Group, and per forum I can change a group's access rights.

So I could create a new group called Fellows, change it's access right etc.. BUT I need to find the best way of switching the group a new user belongs to based upon a value known only to the host system.

However this switching can't happen in the IForumUser class so it would need to happen first time the user logged into YAF, perhaps based upon whether the Location (IForumUser.Location) field is set or some other hacky flag.

Anyone with any other solutions I'd love to here them!!

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