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Hi there,

I have installed 1.9.4 RC1 and am testing the functionality.

My posts appear as: #1 Posted : 02 February 2010 23:05:18

whereas on this forum and the demo forum, they appear with the day and commas in the formatting i.e:

#1 Posted : Tuesday, December 08, 2009 5:49:15 PM

Infact all my dates look to be short dates.

What determines the way this date is displayed? I have tried ticking 'Date and time format from language file:' in the host settings, but this has made no difference.

Any help would be greatly received?

Thank you.
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I have a copy of 1.9.3 also running and have the same problem. I don't get Today/Yesterday day of the week on my dates.

Is there something I need to do in English.xml?

Is it because I am running both versions in .NET?

I'm frustrated that I can't figure this out - a little thing but visually irritating!


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