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I recently downloaded YAF and have been impressed so far. I've been trying to integrate it with an existing site with mixed success. I attempted to follow the guide in the wiki but this seemed outdated and didn't work at all.

After that I tried converting the web site project into a web application following the guide on the Microsoft site (you basically just create a new blank project and copy all the files into it). This appeared to work and I was able to build and run the new project. However when I try to create a new post I get an error in postmessage.ascx.cs:

null reference exception at:

protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
// get the forum editor based on the settings
this._forumEditor = PageContext.EditorModuleManager.GetEditorInstance(PageContext.BoardSettings.ForumEditor);

*****ERROR HERE _forumEditor is null



At first I assumed this was a problem with my configuration so I went into the admin pages and tried to change the editor but on the editor screen, the drop-down menu is empty. I tried adding the FCK editor and the list remains empty so it appears that the system is not correctly pulling through the editor files.

I've also notice that the avatar system has some problems - uploading / selecting an online link appear to work but no picture appears against the user. This also appears to be a result of the conversion to a web application.

Do you know what's going wrong here?


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I don't help with YAF customization. But, here is a thread that may help:


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