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I managed to get YAF install to work without any problems, but now I am trying to get a French forum going in the subfolder of the main install.
I.e. main (english) install is in (BoardId = 1), and the french one is in (BoardId = 3)
I am having trouble getting BBCode labels to show proper language - it reverts back to english.

I am using the GetText() method to retreive my text, and for that I instantiated the yaf.pages.ForumPage in the yaf.editor.BBCodeEditor.Render method.
I created the <page name="BBCODE"> node in my french language file (/fr/languages/french.xml) and I am trying to read from it, but for some reason, in the LoadTranslation() method I can see that the BoardSettings revert back to my root folder (BoardId = 1).
What is even stranger, when I track down which file I am reading the labels for the BBCode from, it turns out that they are coming from the /fr/languages/english.xml (so the path is right, even if the filename is wrong).
To top it all off, it turns out that some of the labels are coming from the <page name="RTE"> node!

English board works just fine, and uses all the right labels from all the right XML nodes.

I tried putting in <root> into <yafnet> config section, and that did not help.

If anyone has any insight into this, please share.

Thanks a lot.

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