Hi guys.

I'm loving YAF and the fact I can tinker to my little hearts content.

One thing I've not quite managed to figure out (i got close a few times 😲 ) is how to find the user info bit in threads.

I.e. If I wanted to add in something under Username or Location, even as just plain text or an imagine what files would I need to edit?

The localisation stuff in the code is making it tricky to pin down 100%

I would really appreciate any help in pointing me in the right direction (and line numbers would make me wee myself)

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Depends on your version 1.93 and greater actually using a templating system which can be found by logging in as the host admin account, admin menu, host settings and under one of the tabs (can't remember off the top of my head). It uses a simple templating system.


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Mek, sorry for the slow reply (Flu 😞 )

You are, of course, spot on thank you VERY much!! I would have never thought to look in there.

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