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Hello Folks! I'm new here and
i've an important Question!

I need to setup an YAF on my Intranet but it need allow be used wihtout log-in by user himself!
The Authentification needs to be managed by the Forum and the Auth data already
exist on our LDAP @ Domain Server. :roll:

Is it possible to use an
- LDAP Auth directly
- SSO (Single Sign On)

with the YAF Forum? :)


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Please, does anyone have an answer for me?
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about 100 Hits and NO answer?? :shock:

Someone is probably going to tell you to use the search, which will give you pages and pages of threads to read.

Short answer, yes, you can set your virtual directory to use Windows Auth. Be sure to add a user with the same loginID as the credentials you're going to connect with and give it admin or superadmin rights, or you won't be able to get in. You have to add your users or do a mass import of your AD if you don't want to add them one at a time. Then you have to manually assign roles to them. If you have a small set of moderators, it might work. We are trying this out now.
Did you have any luck getting AD setup to so SSO Authentication?

I am wanting to do the same thing but need to be able to also integrate with AD Group permissions. Did you try doing that as well? If so could you share how you accomplished it.

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