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Hi guys,

Just upgraded from 1.9.3 beta2 to the 1.9.3 Final release and when I try to edit a profile or go to admin I receive various errors, e.g:


Null Reference at:
<td class="post">
<%# BBCode.EncodeHTML( PageContext.GetProfile( Eval("UserName").ToString() ).Location ) %>
in admin.ascx

From searching, I noticed that Jaben suggests the problem to be related to the profile provider, however I didn't change the profile provider in the webconfig (in fact I only changed the app.config to add YAF. as per the instructions and copied across all the new files - then ran the install to update the database).

My profile provider is as such:


<profile enabled="true" defaultProvider="YafProfileProvider" inherits="YAF.Classes.Utils.YafUserProfile">
<add connectionStringName="yafnet" applicationName="/WebSite2" name="YafProfileProvider" type="YAF.Providers.Profile.YafProfileProvider"/>


and appears no different to the web-recommended.config that's packaged with it.

Can anyone please help? :(

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Hate to say this... but the problem seems to have vanished, and I didn't change anything (except log in as another user, logout, and then back in as admin). :/
The software is that good, that it has become self aware. \o/

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