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Hey Guys,

It's not a massive problem, but the replace words on our forum isn't inserting the goodwords, it's just removing the badword and leaving a blanc space e.g.

You are a [Bad Word]

is being displayed as

You are a

I have tried entering different good words, but they're still not being inserted where the bad word was removed. I am using version 1.9.3 FINAL. If any of you guys have any ideas it would be great. Thanks
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What did you enter for the good word? I tested... am not having any issues with bad word replace.
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Hello Jaben,

Thanks once again for the fast reply, I have tried a few variations on a word "censored" "CENSORED" "[CENSORED]" and none were working for me.

I have tried placing the banned words between acceptable words when posting (on a replace words test forum), to test if it was affecting the post as a whole but this returned all acceptable words with a blanc space where the bad word was removed e.g.

Hello you [BAD WORD] I really don't like you

was replaced with

Hello you I really don't like you

I'm not sure what could be the cause of this, as I've said it's not a big problem as the bad words are being removed. I am not receiving any sort of error when displaying the pages either.

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