Is there a guide for converting from a different forum? The reason I ask is that while attempting to convert from phpbb v2 to YAF I have had significant problems. Right now for instance while a topic has 6 messages and I can see it all on the DB, going into that topic on the forum I see 2 messages. The other messages are clearly missing. This is just 1 of the problems I'm having. there some kind of guide to walk through manually moving data from another db/forum to YAF? Clearly I'm missing something.
I don't know of anyone who's converted from phpBB to YAF, but I'd certainly encourage it. If you're doing the conversion it'd be a nice contribution to share with the community.

As far as your particular problem...whether you're talking about the messages missing in a YAF system or a phpBB system my instinct is the same. Check the flags, are they marked deleted or is the system saving edits or something?
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When I post fp:mddubs in a topic, I'm leaving my footprint there so I can track it once I get into coding/supporting. (Yes I stole this off Mek 🙂, who stole this off Ederon 🙂 )
Well I did find a base script doing a search on this forum for the conversion from phpBB 3 to YAF. I'm using a somewhat modified phpBB 2, so I'm using that script as my base and changing it as I go. The base script had Flags for ALL yaf_Message rows set to 22. From what I'm seeing, that is IsApproved, IsSmilies, and IsBBCode.

I can't find where the differences are between the messages that are displayed and the messages that aren't currently. This definitely seems related to the users. I just took a look at a topic. When I hover over that topic, I see the proper message listed by user x. The topic shows 9 replies. I click the topic and get 2 messages (but NOT the first message!). Both of the messages are from the same user. It seems only 1 of the users can be displayed...
I found my issue with the particular issue I mentioned. Most of the users had a RankID of 0 in yaf_user.

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