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First off, let me say that this forum has helped me tremendously. Thanks!

The need to know :

I am currently using version and my theme I want to modify is YAF PRO.

My Question :

How can I change my background color to a image?

-I have modified the auto fixed width to stay at 1280 by adding the code below to my default.aspx

<div style="width:1280px;"> Then adding the </div> to close it. (note: add code before <yaf:forum runat="server" id="forum" /> then add the </div> after it to close it.)

Ive learned that much so far. 

Except mine will say my web page of course.

I know this may seem like a easy questions but too many of us begginers using YAF it would help us out greatly for those of you that know how to explian how to do this in detail.

can somebody point in the right direction please
A good general solution to this problem is to identify what the current color is and then search for that in your theme .cs file.

You can do this by taking a screenshot of your forum, then pasting it into a photo editor (Paint.NET is awesome and free) and using the color picker to determine what the hex value is (#AA11BB). Then search for that value.
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Add this code to your body section in your default.aspx.

<body style="background-image:url(images/your.jpg)">

Just add that and upload your background image too your /images section on your server.

Thanks again logan for the help, I hope other users can benefit from my trial and error.
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All done....Yay!!

check it out. 

<body style="background-image:url(images/your.jpg)">

This is only good if you always want that image as a background.

To have it change with the theme you would have to change it in the theme.css file.
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