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Hi all,
I was successfully able to integrate asp.net website using FW3.5 with YAF.

I am inserting the users directly into YAF_user when the user succesfully logins on to the main website.

I have a weird issue...
The very first time a user logs into the main website, he is able to access the forums normally.
Once he logs out, he cannot login to the forums site at all. it gives me a usercontrol error like forum.control not found...

But then when I login to the forums site as admin, I see the user waiting to be approved. Once I approve him, his email addresss which was inserted intially goes away. I have to put a new email address for the user and everything will work fine.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Why manually insert them? If you have them hooked up to ASP.NET membership, they will be inserted into YAF users automatically.
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For a reason which is too complicated to explain...I cant insert the users automatically...

Mabbe I am missing someting..Can you tell me if I can sync both the Websites ASP membership users table and Forums ASP Users table ?

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