Hi all

I have a domain called RAMA (www.rama.com) and I am opening it up to communities of users, with a community home, blogging capability and forums for each community. Ultimately I plan on converting it to a social networking site, but that is a future goal.

http://www.rama.com/community/lordrama . I would like a Lord RAMA forum. Other communities will come along and each community will have a home page and a forum folder.

Each community has a home page in the classic 3-column div format. I would like the forum to appear in the center div (main page content). The left hand column is "optional space" in that the forum may be permitted to take over that real estate as well. The right hand column is reserved for other uses (google ads, for example). I am pretty sure I can handle this part, but comments are always appreciated.

I am looking for suggestions for a "best practices" approach to adding a forum for each of these communities, including suggestions for integration of logins (there is a login for the blogs, but that is not implemented yet.)

In addition the <authentication> parameter in my root web config is "Windows". I am not sure of the implications of changing that to "Forms" for YAF. Is there an approach where YAF might have its own web.config?

My development environment is Win2K8, SQL2K5 and IIS7. My deployment environment is Win2K3, SQL 2K5 and IIS6 (asp.net 3.5 in both).


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