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After some investigation into why badwords were causing errors to appear in the Application Event Log under a release build it would appear that there are several issues.

Basically Anything that gets put into badwords that is null or empty will cause an error.

So topics with no titles, messages with no message, etc.. all cause writes to the application log.

Rather than put a generic wrapper around the code eg.

if (!string.isnullorempty( blah )

I thought I would leave the code in as this could be an indicator of problems further up the line.
Instead I and my Colleague Raptophile have traced back to the causes.

Some of the errors are down to topics that have been moved as mentioned in a previous post.

Whilst another issue I have come across is the use of the following code in the YAF.Controls.TopicLine

            RenderAnchorBegin(writer, YafBuildLink.GetLink(ForumPages.posts, linkParams, _row["LinkTopicID"]), "post_link", General.BadWordReplace(General.Truncate(firstMessage, 255)));

You will notice that there is a call to General.Truncate. This when passed an empty title will return a null.
In its current State Truncate is called before the BadWordReplace so BadWord is passed a NULL and so Events written to the log. To fix this I have modified the code as follows.

            RenderAnchorBegin(writer, YafBuildLink.GetLink(ForumPages.posts, linkParams, _row["LinkTopicID"]), "post_link", General.Truncate(General.BadWordReplace(firstMessage), 255));

Since the rendering of the title handles nulls this fixes this little bug.

Hope this helps.


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Many thanks.

Fixed and comitted to SVN: 27/12/2008.


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