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My company's new game for the iPhone, "Trism", has been a smash success .

A lot of the reason the game did so well is because Trism features an extensive leaderboard system, similar to XBox Live Arcade, where users can go and compare their scores and achievements on a specialized forum. This forum, naturally, is powered by YAF.NET. (Click here )

We want to include similar leaderboard experiences in our upcoming games. Because of this, we want to expand the YAF.NET codebase even more. We're looking to bring on an experienced YAF.NET developer to help with this project ASAP . We're going to be working on web services, database schemas, C# business logic code, and UI. This is a paid position and the experience would look great on any resume.

Feel free to contact me at steve 🇦🇹 demiforce [dot] com.

Thank you!
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