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I wrote a game for the iPhone called "Trism". It's currently one of the most popular games on the iTunes AppStore.

Trism uses online scoring, with a complete backend similar to XBox Live Arcade. You can create an account on your iPhone, which doubles as a forum account. You can use this account to submit scores, compare achievements, and talk with other players online.

I chose YAF.NET as the forum software and have done some heavy modifications to the data model & pages to accomodate the game. For example, I added a webservice for creating accounts, submitting scores, and downloading user data. I also added a number of pages to the profile and admin sections for dealing with scores and achievements.

Check it out here 

The forum has been online for about a month and currently has 14,600 members. All in all I'd say the software is a little quirky but has scaled well, easily managing all the growth.

Thanks for creating YAF.NET!

the additions you have , like the scores and achivments is excellent

good job man , the website and the forum design is excellent too

14,600 in a month thats a record
your game must be excellent then , having all those members

Visit my Forums: 

A very nice deployment. Ditto Ash's comments on the extra's added. Very cool!

Great job!

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Very slick and cool/clean design. The light text colors against the dark background are very readable and easy on the eyes.
Wow - Great Job!
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