Seems like no one has requested this feature in this topic although have seen guys wanting this in other topics. Anyway what do u developers say? Personally I feel that having a chat application with option of having rooms would be a major feature in the forum.
Thanks. I hope this feature would be added in the next release 🙂

While this feature would be useful in some forums, I think the majority would find it "irritating" and ask how to shut it off!

Anyway, continienzo did a fantastic posting on this subjet. You can find it here: 

If this were to be added, I think it would have to be a configurable (turn it on/off in admin) option. That would take some serious development, and the dev dudes have their hands full as it is!



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That would be cool if it were congifurable thru admin, but anyway I think its best to first fix the bugs that are in the current version and then look at adding features later as I am anxiously waiting for 1.9.3 release.

test2005 wrote:

...I think the majority would find it "irritating" and ask how to shut it off!...

Ok may be not really a Shout box, but we could have a link on the menu bar (Inbox|Search...) saying Chat which opens as a popup window with a seperate chat application not necessarily integrated with YAF, the reason why I am asking this is coz I don't know of any free / open source chat application that I can use with this forum. If you know any asp or open source chat application, will greatly appreciate your assistance.

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I've seen one for phpBB. I'll do some digging and see if I can find that.

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