Many thanks for the new version of yaf! The search funktion well. I could install and run the forum on my local mashineand test the search functionality.

As I tried to publish YAF to our test environment I did 1) clean solution and 2) build solution and 3) web compiler > recompile all files. After that visual studio showed me a message:
nuget package.PNG

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I clicked "ja" and after that I bekome error after build process:
MSBuild Error.PNG

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If I do the same with YAFNET-, I don't bekome the error with MSBuild. In the AFNET-v2.3.0.0-0 I bekome the error. I compared the project files of both versions and saw that latest version have some changes:
MSBuild in YAF-csproj File.PNG

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Also in solution I see some changes (latest vs beta):

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BuildScript Beta.PNG

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The files are identical in both versions:
MSBuild in file system.PNG

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I cannot reproduce this you might need to manual restore the nuget packages via the manage nuget packages for soltion window!
Many thanks for your help. At the moment the search funktion well.

Other problem I have in admin/boardsettings: I have a new theme for yaf and want wo change defautl yaf logo to our custom logo. In admin settings I could select our logo, but after save button pushed the logo will be not changed. The theme was changed.

Change Logo failure.PNG

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Thanks for the report it's a bug and will be fixed with the next update!

As a quick workaround rename your logo to zagelogo.png then it should save

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