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Our organization would like to have a robust process in place for flagging the read status of YAF discussion posts.
We have been doing some testing on the current process and we are not clear exactly on how YAF is logging read status for users. It seems to us, it a cookie based process.
In our current version of YAF, when we read one posting, it seems that the read flags are being cleared for all posting which seems to be a bug.
We checked the process on the YAF support forum and seems to be more stable.
However if we clear our cookies, all of the read status are set unread.
We don't understand fully how a read status process could be based cookies which are temporary in nature.
If a user deletes the cookies, the status will be changed.
We are trying to decide what to do right now. One option is to write our own read tracking process, however we concerned about the performance implications of doing that. And it will require change to core YAF code.
We were wondering if anybody could help clarify how YAF handles read post and suggest some options to us in this situation.

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Any thoughts on this by anybody? This is really urgent for us. thanks,

In Yaf exist two different read tracking systems one which is Browser session based and the other which is uses the database to save every topic you read. Which needs to be enabled in the Host Settings > Features > Use User Read Tracking via Database

This is also used here in the forum.

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