I have an old site that I ran out of money to keep up. I've finally gotten some cash saved up and would like to bring back my site. I was wondering if there is a migration script from vBulletin to YAF. If not is there a way to at least bring over the members and posts. I want to switch because I've been learning C# for the past few years and would be more comfortable with using a language I understood.

Thank you for your time.

I do not believe there is an official script or anything of the sort. A few years ago I migrated my DragonFly CMS website, which used phpBB over to YAF. It took a few days.

Although it can be tricky, it can certainly be done using some of the stored procedures from YAF already.

Well my main issue is nothing is loading when I go to my directory. I'm still trying to figure out how to create a virtual directory on a shared hosting plan with no access to the IIS manager. Not to mention trying to figure out how to get it integrated with a site.
I don't know which hosting panel you're using so I can't help much. Other than, if you can create an website using 4.0 integrated you should be good to go for YAF.
This is on the footer of the panel that I'm using

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