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I was "Watching" the YAF project on GitHub, but then I got bombarded with emails for the Nightly Build. That was annoying lol I fixed that annoyance by no longer watching the project, but I think something that might bother others if you're looking for the Release, you have to page through a lot of Nightly Build's to locate one. 

Looks like something went wrong with the auto. Publishing. I Deleted all the builds and going back to manually nightlys.

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Waiting for one with the latest bug fixes... :-d
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Me too.
I am planning to upgrade, but the fixes done after the official release are too interesting to ignore. Therefore, I would like to use the nightly (which is not a real nightly as it seems now ;-)
It seems you have to do this manually. If it is too much work, don't do it too often, but if it is just a little bit of work, I would appreciate it if you can create a 'nightly' with the new fixes.

- Robert
I posted the link to the ci server above where you can find the real nightlies 
Seriously you people are doing a fantastic work .The more important thing the more you people pay for this YAF code and the most latest version of YAF it will give assure customer satisfaction.Even if you want to check this nightly build stuff.

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