First off, congrats to Jaben & team for a beautifully written project! I'm impressed with every code page I look through and the final product is outstanding.

I've done a metric ton of researching on my question but perhaps I'm looking in all the wrong places.

I have an existing website and I have an existing users database that cannot be changed as it supports over 20,000 virtual automated game units and any pause in their service is less than ideal.
I dont use the microsoft authentication system, it is a custom form that dumps to a custom users database table and sets some session vars.

I want to:

1) Have users login to my current login .ascx control and have the ability to post on the embedded (~/forums) yaf form site.

2) Have their post signed with their current username from my site.

3) Not have to switch authentication systems or overhaul my entire framework to make this work :cheesy:

Ideas or am I just expecting too much?

It's a lot to expect, but I would think it's possible. But with something that intricate, you might want to contact Jaben directly regarding some custom development for YAF. Something that sounds mission-critical such as yours might require some dedicated support or customization of YAF that he or one of the other developers would be best suited for.

Internally, YAF already has support for syncing memberships from other providers, but that would mean you would need to adapt a provider for your user membership store so that YAF could interface with it. Tha_watcha has done work like this on the DNN module of YAF, but DNN uses standard ASP.NET membership.
If you can't find it using the forum search, try my signature link -- searches this site using Google: Google is my Friend 
Jaben's already done so much for the community, I couldn't think of asking him to work for free, which is all I can currently afford lol.

In my research I stumbled across a couple of ideas, basically this is the game plan I'm going to try if I can't get a more straightforward way of doing it:

1) Upon logging in to my site, create a a Forms authentication encrypted cookie that yaf generally creates when logging in to yaf the normal way. Use my site's username or email instead of the yaf email in the cookie prior to encryption.

2) For every new register I get, duplicate the registration inside of the yaf users data table so that when the login happens yaf has some way of relating mysite.userA to yafsite.userA
Jaben is very concern about this, took the immediate steps always.
So enabling cookie settings may solve the issue???

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