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Is there a was to automate the member rank and medal assignments? For example, based on the following post counts a user would be assigned the rank once they meet the criteria:

Rookie 0 - 99 posts
Sophomore 100 – 249 posts
Veteran 250 – 499 posts
All-Star 500 – 999 posts
Champion 1000 or more posts

Medals would be assigned in a similar fashion based on a different criteria.
The function for this is built into the rank system. Just set the ranks as Is Ladder Group, and set minimum post to obtain that rank. Not sure about medals based on ranks, but I dont think so.
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Thanks Thantis,

I am thinking of maybe attaching medals to the number of "Thanks" or positive votes. I know votes don't exist but that should not be hard to code into YAF. I think I can build it off the current thank wiget.
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