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I have found an issue with YAF.Controls.Pager, and how the GoTo popup is shown. When the Forum control is wrapped in an tag that has a "Position: Relative;" css tag, the pager popup is displayed at the wrong position.
I created an JSBin example ( showing the problem, and what i hope / think is an solution.

The html code contains the pager code from my current implementation, and around it a few wrapping divs.
The css (at the bottom) has a tag called .main that contains the "position: relative;" code.
The js code is extracted from the Pager.cs code, and just formatted.

Default the code should break. You can verify that commenting "position: relative;" in the .main class will make the code work again. Put "position: relative;" back in again, and use ".position()" instead of ".offset()" in function Query.fn.getBox().



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