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I just tried to get YAF working. I downloaded the source, read the readme and did the following.

1) extracted the source to an empty directory
2) renamed the sample web.config to the real one
3) created a sqlserver database call yafnet
4) modified db.config to have sqlserver point at that
5) debug/run

I get the error:

No data for board ID: 1

I did say try to use search and it may not be installed.

any other ideas?

Is it really a web project? I did not see a csproj file.
Did you use the install wizard to create the database?

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I did I think (install/default.aspx). I dropped the database and tried it again, this time not checking the "use search" and not checking the "bbcode" checkboxes. That time it worked!

thanks, -Peter

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