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I'm at a loss for what's going on when I try to write to the database to create a forum programmatically. Any help would be appreciated. Here is what I'm seeing.

I'm using Linq to SQL in an existing .NET project to create a new forum. I've tried writing a record to the yaf_forum table that looks identical to what is produced if I go through the process in the YAF admin section of the app. I then added records to the yaf_ForumAccess table to give my user the correct permissions to the forum.

When I log in and look at the forums listed for my user I see the forum I've created, but a couple of problems exist.The first thing I notice is that on the list of forums, that particular one has a "-" under the columns for Topics and Posts where a "0" is there for any forum created through the YAF admin console. The Last Post column is also blank where the YAF created forums show "No Posts".

The bigger problem is when I click on the forum to actually go to it I get a page that says "Object Moved To Here". It's a link that simply points to the same object moved page. So I can never actually get to the forum.

The database record looks identical to one auto created by YAF. I've even tried calling the stored procedure yaf_forum_save from Linq and I get a similar result. The database records look as they should, but the same problems exist with the actual form.

Any thoughts on what I am missing here?
There is a proc, I used it but, it does not work properly. need to edit and post again. now, I left to create programmatically.

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