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I just spent a bunch of time trying to get signed up and logged in to the forum.

Finally, I discovered that the Log in Link at the very top of the page (right hand side) works fine.

The login link that is 'lower down' just above the textual forum title (and below the reddish 'welcome guest' message) fails time and again to let me log in.

Try it!
:evil: (it was driving me bonkers)

However! Finally I am logged in!
:-d (breathes sigh of relief at finally being logged in)

But that bears looking at. Is it a 'feature' of YAF or something with the way it's set up at
Pinguino attached the following image(s):
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It occurs to me that I should be more descriptive.

2 different forms are presented depending which login you select.
The one on top (that works) has a 'submit' button.

The one on the bottom (doesn't) has a 'Forum Login' and 'Forgot Password' button. I was able to send myself numerous passwords, none of which worked in the bottom login form.

I was using firefox but I don't think that was necessarily the issue. Let me know if you can't duplicate it.
Same problem here!
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We should probably chime in for the new YAF users that this is particular to the website (not a feature of the YAF software). I just double checked. My local YAF installation logs in just fine.

This is just a 'head up' for whomever is maintaining the website here.

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