Hi guys,

I posted breifly about this issue in another thread about some quoting issue, but I guess it is better to create a new topic for a new issue.

After I updated our forum to version 1.9.6. Beta 1 (17cac0161688) all my BBCodes stopped working. Any reason this should happen? Anything I need to do that I missed. I am now running c22f390e53f8 but I still have the issue.

PS: I also posted about a System.NullReferenceException from YAF.Core.CombinedUserDataHelper.get_Email() I get on a very old and big topic containing a lot of youtube embeds. Not sure if the two issues are related, but any help would be appreciated.
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We'll take a look. Thanks for posting.
Cheers Jaben.

BTW: The version I am running is also ignoring the "Allow Topics With Same Name" setting so that it will never allow.
I found what was causing the different BBCode media not to embed. I had a comment in the replace RegEx ("<!-- BEGIN youtube -->" and "<!-- END youtube -->"). Seems like the Replace Regex removed the end of comment thus commenting out the whole embed tag. When I removed these comments everything is working.

But my exception is still there in that thread though. So those issues are not related.

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