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The search functionality is very convenient but it has a little bug. When we have, say, over 10 screens to show it's hard to jump to a greater screen number, for some reason the app jumps to the screen #1.

And the missing feature: the search shows many links and the names of the topics. But what I need here too much is the name of the sub-forum where these topics are published. it would be cool to get the complete path to the topic including the Category, Forum and Sub-Forum if required, and then the Topic name. The Topic name can be given on a separate line, it's not a problem, but the full path is a must. I wanted to regroup some topics and move the number of topics from different locations to a new just created sub-forum. I cannot efficiently do that because I cannot see the complete path and there is a risk of moving same topics more than once. I'm sure it's a very simple fix. Also, it can be optional using the check box on the search screen. maybe some people don't need this feature.

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