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Hello there, first of all, i praise you people for creating this awesome forum :D
I've just started using it, but i love it.

However i see one small bug/error in mine.

"Laatste bericht geplaatst op 7/03/2011 0:03:27 door [INVALID: DEFAULT.STATS_LASTPOST -- EMPTY PARAM #1]. Simon . ".

This is what is shown at the bottem, where last post is displayed. I have no idea how this comes.

My forum language is set to dutch but i think i could change to english if it is needed.

I'm using Yaf 1.9.5 RC1 (the latest one, installed from Microsoft web platform installer)

Kind regards Simon
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"STATS_LASTPOST" entry in your language file and compare it with the english one.
Simply replace it with the translated english entry.
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Oke, i the dutch Version there was a parameter {1}, which wans't in the englihh so i removed this.

But it's still there.
Do i need to reload the resources on some way or...?

EDIT: nevermind, its fixed 😃
thanks for the help

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