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We have some forums with a huge activity, but a very specific scope.

Users of these forums are not interested in "Active topics" for these forums: they browse directly this specific forum.

But other users are bothered by all topics which are shown in the "Active Topics" view.

So, could YAF add a "hide from active topics view" admin option, per forum, which allow them to be hidden from the active view ?

From a technical point-of-view, I think it will result in simply adding a new column bit on the Forums table, then, when querying for the active view, filter by this value.

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It's partially implemented, I can't sy exactly was it included in 1.9.4 FINAL but it surely is in BETA
The limitataion for you - in the forums posts will not be counted.
Host Settings -> Display ->
Show 'no-count' Forum Posts in Active Discussions :
If this is checked, posts from no-count forums will be displayed in Active Topics.
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I'm using 1.9.4, and there is an option "No posts count:
If this is checked, posts in this forum will not count in the ladder system/forum statistics."

Your last sentence is not very clear : If I check this option, posts from this forums will not be displayed in active topics ?
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For me (at least in 1.9.4 RC3) the "no-count" option has no effect on active topics highlighting.

So, I'm still looking for a way to "exclude" some forums from :
1) the active discussions view in the bottom of the home page
2) the "My topics" page

If there is such a feature enabled, feel free to point it to me.

If not, do you think this feature could be useful ?

I see two features :
- Ability for an admin to mark a forum globally with "disable activity", where the forum is ignored from any active discussion and in the "My topics" view. the RSS for all forums also skip this one. Subscribers which have subscribed to these forums specifically still receive emails.
- Ability to check/uncheck (by default there are all checked), for each user in their profile if they want this forum to be displayed in "active forums".


If there is such a feature enabled, feel free to point it to me.

Yes it is. In 1.94.1 it works, but i dont know it its also included in 1.94.0

There is an Option for every sub forum called "No posts count" it must be checked to exclude it from the stats such as my topics and active discussion. As bbobb writs before

Host Settings -> Display -> Show 'no-count' Forum Posts in Active Discussions, has to be unchecked.

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Ok, you're right, this setting was added in commit #3477 the 7/15/2010, so it's certainly not included in 1.9.4 ( beta was flagged in commit #3485).

For now, I'll patch the stored procedure to always use the Forums Flag in my version, until I could upgrade.

Thanks for you help !

Edit : the MyTopicList.ascx which use the stored procedure topic_active still display no-count forums, so this option is only useful for the active discussions control.

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