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I'm having a terrible time trying to integrate YAF into my existing project. I'd very appreciate it if somebody could post a step by step setup instruction as to how to do this.

I also have few questions before hand:
1. Do I need YAF SRC or BIN? - I want to have the forum integrated into my project but have the ability to customize (only change the language to hebrew, rtl layout, and maybe change the logo)
2. I'm doing this in developer mode, i.e. all my code is on my computer using VS 2008.
3. I saw that in YAF SRC I have a lot of sub folders/projects (YAF.Providers, Extras, Controls). If I do need YAF SRC which, of the sub folders/projects should I include in my project?
4. I'm using MVC 2.0 and ASP.NET 3.5, is there anything special I should take notice of?
5. I'm also prepared for the worst case - I will not be able to integrate. In that case I'm willing to use YAF as a separate component in my project. What would be the method of operations in testing/implementing this in developer mode.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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